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Soothing Sleep Collection includes 3 of our soothing sleep bath teas, 1 Lavender & Lemon Lotion Bar, and 1 Soothing and Serene SELF Soap. 

Soothing Sleep Bath Tea

Enjoy an herbal bath without the hassle of a messy clean up afterwards. You can also hang the bath tea bag on your shower head and enjoy the benefits of an herbal bath while taking a shower. 

The main ingredients of my bath teas are salts, herbs, and dried flowers like lavender and chamomile and essential oils.

Soaking can help relieve stress and tension. It softens rough, dry skin, while also rejuvenating and exfoliating dead skin cells. It also eases the pain of sore muscles. 

L&L Lotion Bar

A mixture of soft oils, solid oils and bees wax make up our lovely all natural lotion bars!

Also known as a massage bar, our lotion bars are great to use to massage your skin. The heat from your skin allows the lotion to melt on your skin as you rub the bar in your hands or directly on your skin.

Lotion bars a great protective barrier for your skin. Soothes and moisturizes your skin for hours. Can also be used in the while in the shower.


Our all natural handmade "Soothing & Serene" SELF Soap made with goats milk, vitamins, and essential oils that provide soothing hydration as it nourishes and moisturizes your skin.