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Cleanse on the go!

This collection allows you to cleanse your mind, body, and space when you're away from home.

Our Cleanse On The Go Collection includes our NEW Cleansing Spray, our NEW single use SELF soaps and a Citrine crystal. All products are conveniently placed in a clear mini cosmetic waterproof pouch with zipper closure!

*Mind* Citrine is a powerful cleanser and re-generator. It absorbs negative energy. Citrine is excellent for energizing and recharging. It enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind.

*Body* Single use SELF soaps are made with mango butter or aloe. They are infused with Lemon essential oil. Single use soaps are perfect to use on the go.

*Space* Cleansing spray is hand made in small batches. It is a blend of purified water and witch hazel mixed with organic essential oils to amplify cleansing properties. Cleansing spray can also be used if/when you don't want to or can't burn sage to clear your living/working space.

Our Cleansing Spray can be used to clear negative energies anytime, anywhere. Great for the times when burning sage or palo santo is not an option! 

This product is handmade with love and light.

~Crystal size and color will vary. All crystals are selected with love, light, and positive energy.